"Spending a month in Cuba at the beginning of 2015, Fraser endeavoured to capture the heart and soul of Cuba while it remained 'intact'.

Cold War relations between Cuba and the United States have thawed dramatically in the last six months, most notably with the restoration of diplomatic ties (severed in 1961). This is expected to forever change the face of the reclusive Communist State, once led by outspoken military dictator, Fidel Castro.

As sanctions are relaxed it is anticipated that an increased freedom of movement for tourists and citizens will follow. Much needed foreign goods will flow into a country that has largely escaped the ‘Consumerist Revolution’.

The United States is the world’s largest economy, with a strong materialistic culture. As one of Cuba’s closest neighbours, this will undoubtedly be a source of great change.

These photos capture a country shielded in a rustically beautiful time warp that has to be seen-to-be-believed" - DEPOT ARTSPACE

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